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All Feline and Canine Rabies Vaccines

What You Need To Know About the Rabies Vaccine for Dogs & Cats...

 Failure to give your pet a rabies shot can probably result in your cat or dog being taken away from you and placed in a shelter for six weeks.

If they become infected and bite someone, you will be fined and your pet will be EUTHANISED.


California requires that your pet is vaccinated for the

rabies virus.


The rabies vaccine for dogs and cats is essential in order to protect them and you from this terrible virus. Rabies affects the spinal cord and brain of all mammals including dogs, cats and humans. It is a disease that has been reported in almost every country in the world and results in the deaths of 50,000 people worldwide annually not to mention countless animals. Although it is treatable, prevention is far better than a cure and the rabies vaccine is the best way to do it.

Why Pets Need a Rabies Shot

While there are a myriad of pet injections that are optional, the rabies vaccine is legally required to protect dogs and cats in the United States. One of the main reasons is to prevent humans from contracting the disease from their pets. According to the Center for Disease Control, there is no such thing as canine rabies in America but your dog can contract the illness if bitten by another wild animal such as a bat, racoon, squirel, coyote, skunk or another dog that is infected.


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