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Pet Boarding

Our goal is to give your pet a positive experience while boarding in our facility. We strive to give you peace of mind knowing your pet is well cared for. You are welcome to visit our Boarding Facility at any time during business hours. We have highly qualified Kennel Technicians and Veterinary Technicians that care for your pets. This ensures that pets are happy and healthy during their stay with us. We have the expertise to monitor your pet at a professional level. Your pet’s weight, eating habits, water intake, bowel movements and urination are monitored and noted on your pets boarding log throughout the day. Sometimes, pets get sad while being separated from their people and it is our job to make them feel secure and loved. We are sensitive to and understand that they miss you. We take the time to play, love, talk, and exercise your four-legged, family member.

Dog Guests
  • Relax in our indoor air-conditioned or heated kennels
  • Exercised three times, Monday through Saturday
  • Exercised two times on Sundays
  • Fresh, clean water is available always
  • Medications are given as directed (if required)
  • Your Dog’s diet is given per your directions
  • Hospital feed available at no additional charge to you
  • Daily boarding logs to monitor your pets weight, health and over all well being

Cat Guests
  • Relax in our sun lit cattery
  • Are checked on by our trained kennel technician’s three times daily (Twice on Sundays)
  • Fresh, clean water is available always
  • Diet is given per your directions
  • Hospital feed is available at no additional charge to you
  • Medications are given as directed (if required)
  • Litter boxes and bedding are changed throughout the day during weekdays (Twice on Sundays)
  • Daily boarding logs monitor your pet’s weight, health and over all well being

We strive to give your pet the best environment possible while you’re away. We understand that you love and care for them like family and so shall we.

As part of that love and care we kindly request the following vaccines be up to date in order for your pet to be boarded with us:

Dog Requirements - Rabies, Distemper Parvo, Bordatella, Leptospirosis, and CIV (Flu) Vaccine
Cat Requirements - FVRCP and Rabies
Bird Requirements - Bring your own cage and food.

Overnight Boarding Prices
Dog Boarding: $32.50
Cat Boarding: $30.00

Check in after 9:00am. Pick up before 5:00pm the next day. There is a 15% discount if boarding for 7 days or more. $10.50/day fee per pet for administering medications such as insulin, pain medication, antibiotic, etc.

Day Boarding: $24.20

RX Fee for Boarders: $10.90

Monday through Friday – Check in after 9:00am. with pickup by 5:00pm the same day.
Saturday – Check in after 8:00a.m. with pick up by 11:30am the same day.

Please note:
  • We do not allow bedding or toys from home due to unsupervised evenings.
  • Medications must be brought in with name of pet, type of medication, and complete administering instructions printed clearly on the medication container.
  • Our office is closed on Sunday.

Boarding Contract

Pet Boarding
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